Finding Parallels Between Funds and Life

What Beginners Need To Know About Investment There are a lot of people these days who are into investing on different things because of its advantages which you can learn from this article. If you are planning to invest on something but is just new to it, you must first study what you want to invest on. In simple terms, investing is putting your money into something that you know can work for you. Well, investment is like making an income but the way you make money could be different than any other work out there. There are some people who earn money through working for some hours in a week. However, money earned from work is hard-earned, meaning you cannot get the amount of money you need unless you really put so much time and energy into it. The sad reality is that some people have given up on their leisure activities on the weekend just to spend them for work so that they can earn more. For some people who need more cash, this is the kind of job they do which is very tiring. Because of this sad reality, some people have found a way to ensure that they still get extra cash aside from working every day. In this article, you can learn more information about investment as well as its benefits which can help you earn more money. If you want to earn money even if you are just sleeping, investing your money in a good investment is a good option for you. Aside from that, people who are into investment are now able to maximize the potential of their earnings through it. The other reason why people these days agree to this idea is because they know they can still earn big even though they don’t have to work overtime. With good investment, there is no need to worry about making extra money and working overtime. Before you invest on something, make sure you first understand its concept. There are different kind of investments these days that is why understanding the concept helps you find a good investment out there. Because of the increasing need, there are now plenty of options for you to choose from. If you want to invest your money into something beneficial, you can choose to invest in the start-up business, stocks, bonds, real estate, stocks and many more. Before you invest into something, it is very important for you to study its advantages and disadvantages first. If you want to invest your money into one of these vehicles, you must first be aware of its benefits and drawbacks. The reason why you need to know this kind of information is for you to prepare yourself in case you lose in the end. So when you invest on something, you just have to hand around and wait for the money to come to you. You should also know that this is not the same as gambling.What I Can Teach You About Investments

The Beginner’s Guide to Funds

Do What Is Needed And More

Winning starts with beginning, sure. But the best winning happens with doing what is needed and more. Think about this fact: The worst procrastination happens not with what we want to do, but mostly with what we genuinely need to do. So, this article is genuinely based on a Henry Ford like saying of my Dad: “You either do it or you do not do it.”

Listen, we all love to succeed, but it takes more than doing what is needed or wanted sometimes to genuinely succeed. It takes doing what is needed and more, even if you fail temporarily or make a mistake without any “good luck of the beginner” involved. Success the first time, then, is usually a bad thing, because you expect to repeat that “good luck of the beginner” over and over again after that first success. It is sort of like the first high of the drug addict being the best and not to be repeated in subsequent “high times.” Get my point? If you really want to succeed for real, you have to practice being able to repeat the success before you can really succeed again and again. This is where first time “lucky” success does not count in any way.

So, when I say all kinds of things about “do what is needed and more”. I mean this: Practice until your success is certain and repeatable genuinely. Without that ability to repeat and know what you are doing, how can the success be genuine in any way? I will give you my answer: It cannot be genuine in any way, because even if you get lucky the total knowledge is not there of how to be genuinely successful.

Here is a message and a crucial message here: Successful cheating is not success either, because you skipped over the essence of success with that. Sure, we all want to do our best, but sneaking, cheating and dishonest embezzlement is not the way to do it. Sure, I am all for creatively succeeding through honest means. But winning without integrity or reality is not winning at all. Dealing with reality and winning in reality is doing what is needed and more with full understanding of what you are doing and why, not playing, cheating or embezzling. That means seeing your goal as your genuine job, desired and undesired. That means doing what is genuinely needed, wanted and more for real success. So, if you are intent on genuinely and passionately succeeding, by God do the work genuinely, or forget about it, or do something else you genuinely want to do.

My name is Joshua Clayton, I am a freelance writer based in Inglewood, California. I also write under a few pen-names and aliases, but Joshua Clayton is my real name, and I write by that for the most part now. I am a philosophical writer and objective thinker and honest action taker. I also work at a senior center in Gardena, California as my day job, among other things, but primarily I am a writer.

Got a Gut Feeling? Your Gut Might Cause ALL Your Feelings!

Do you ever get a gut feeling about something? I was fascinated to learn that our gut and the health of our gut plays a huge role in how we feel.

Almost as much, perhaps even as much, as our minds do.

We spend all our time working our brain and the rest of our body to boost our emotions, but we may be ignoring half the cause of problems. Isn’t it exciting to think that we can literally feel happier and emotionally stronger, even boost our immune system and overall health, just by taking better care of our gut?

If you’re feeling down, anxious, depressed, or just want a big old boost of happiness-inducing serotonin, it turns out your gut most likely has a huge influence over it all.

The little friends in your second brain

You’ve probably heard of our friends the ‘good bacteria’ battling it out against the ‘bad bacteria’ in our digestive tract – our second brain. Well, the state of these micro flora and how well the good bacteria are doing determines a whole host of health-related factors.

For example, good bacteria decides how well the toxic by-products of your digestion are neutralized and whether harmful pathogenic bacteria or other substances are prevented or allowed to grow. And it determines how much hormone production there is and many other factors that affect the health of your immune system.

Did you know you have two nervous systems too?

That’s right. You have two nervous systems – one is the central nervous system we all know and love, which is in your brain and spinal cord. But you also have the ‘enteric’ nervous system, which is in your gastrointestinal tract – your gut.

Through this whole system your brain and gut are connected and the bacteria in your gut sends messages to the brain through the nervous system. These messages affect your mood, and you know the surprising part?

Your gut sends your brain more messages than the other way around. Your gut sends instructions on how to make you feel all day long. And since we can influence those messages, it’s something we should pay attention to, wouldn’t you agree?

Happiness, anxiety and depression

You have neurons in your gut, which is another reason we call it the second brain. And these neurons produce neurotransmitters like serotonin – the primary chemical responsible for your feelings of well-being and happiness. We all know that, right?

But here’s another surprise. Serotonin is found in larger quantities in the gut than in the brain. So let’s influence our primary serotonin-producing environment in our gut and make more of it!

You may have experienced stomach pains or irritable bowel syndrome during times of great anxiety. There’s clearly a strong relationship between anxiety and the health of our gut.

There is even a strong line of scientific work proposing that certain probiotics can affect levels of proinflammatory cytokines and tryptophan in the gut, which have been implicated in depression.

“OK, I get it! So how do I start improving my gut?!” I hear you ask.

Well, that’s the next stage of my investigation. And don’t worry, I’ll share my findings with you as I go.

Perhaps you already have some ideas.

Share them with us!


I am Adele Theron and I am a change management chick. I went through a divorce in March 2009 and was way too busy to have an emotional breakdown so used my change management techniques to develop a rapid and intense process to heal and experienced a complete transformation.

I believe that we are living in an unprecedented time of change. The real danger for society is that people resist, ignore or run away from massive changes in their lives and consequently do themselves long-term damage.